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McAvoy Today
Today's McAvoy draws on a rich heritage of skill and craft to provide the finest brick made in America. Call on us whatever your construction needs - to create distinctive residential, commercial or institutional buildings, or to meet the special requirements of paving brick and shapes. As always in our proud past, brick from McAvoy is the beautiful, versatile and lasting choice.

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Images of Our Past
For more than a hundred years, McAvoy has created the brick that built and paved America. It began in the Philadelphia area and it continues there today, with a level of craftsmanship that is the legacy of each generation to the next.

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Kilns at one of the first McAvoy brickyards in Philadelphia

Horse-drawn extraction operations in Phoenixville

Old Glory flies above the Phoenixville plant, circa 1900

Manufacturing handmade molded brick in Philadelphia, mid-1880's. The boys are two future company executives: John Creighton McAvoy (standing) and Thomas Bell McAvoy Jr.

Gas shovel at work, circa 1930

Brickyard gang in Phoenixville, about 1910

Mining crew at a shale face in the 1880s

Early views of shale planer in Phoenixville



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